CPU data io#

Sample location and files#

The code relevant for this How-To can be found in: cisTEM/src/programs/samples/0_Simple/disk_io_image.cpp

Quick and dirty#

Images may be read from, and written to disk using a set of “quick and dirty” methods in the IMAGE class.

int slice_to_read = 1; // read the first slice in Z
Image my_image;
my_image.QuickAndDirtyReadSlice("/path/to/my/image", slice_to_read)

see also: QuickAndDirtyReadSlice

Image file object#

In order to modify the image header, or to use information about the image without loading it all into memory, you may first create an image file object. We most commonly work with MRC files and so there is a specialization of the abstract image file called MRCfile.

int slice_to_read = 1; // read the first slice in Z
bool over_write = false;

Image my_image;
MRCFile input_file("/path/to/my/image", over_write)
my_image.ReadSlice(&input_file, 1);  

see also: MRCFile